13 thoughts on “7 Pauper Decklists That Aren’t Maddeningly Boring

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  2. I’ve been playing UW Cawblade featuring Momentary Blink to protect my guys and to get extra value from them, i.e. Lone Missionary, Mulldrifter (evoke+Blink is absurd), and of course the Squawks and Trinket Mages. It combos with every creature in the deck except Guardian of The Guildpact, but he doesn’t need any help being a badass.

  3. There one archetype that wasn’t mentioned that I thought deserved some love: Turbo Fog. There are so many fog effects available to Pauper players that can be built into resilient combo decks, I was surprised it wasn’t featured.

    For example, a brew I’m still trying to perfect can often enough win a game by T5.

    4. Midnight Guard

    4. Presence of Gond

    4. Fog

    4. Defend The Hearth

    4. Druid’s Deliverance

    4. Terrifying Presence

    4. Holy Day

    4. Ethereal Haze

    4. Dawn Charm

    4. Selesnya Guildgate

    10. Forest

    10. Plains

    So, Turbo Fog may be a little conceited and not fun across the board, but the players who use it do so because they enjoy the redunancy it brings to the table. It has no particularly bad match-ups except against mill, due to the lack of recursion or soft recursion available to Pauper players.

    1. Just to update this article a bit:

      With the Edict-heavy format, it’s worth mentioning that the Fangren deck now runs Bark Maulers to compensate (in place of 2x Oracles).

      Also, MBC runs 4x Oubliette now to feed the Gray Merchants, and runs 4x Chainer’s Edict instead of the Geth’s Verdicts.

      Lastly, _every_ deck now has some combination of 4x Relic of Progenitus or 4x Nihil Spellbomb between the maindeck and sideboard in order to compete with the increasingly out-of-control Drake combo decks.

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