At Your End Step: Distractions: A GP Cincinnati Story

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In this episode of At Your End Step, the team takes a quick glance at the “Crackgate” scandal as it has developed since GP Richmond.  Each host gets his own minute to describe his take on the situation and it must be explicity stated that each person’s opinion is his own entirely and does not reflect the opinion of any At Your End Step sponsors.

After quickly mentioning the recent community news, the team takes to discussing GP Montreal and looking at the limited environment.

GP Buenos Aires and SCG Open Seattle are prime bits of focus for this weeks discussion as Mike and Morgan prepare to head out to Grand Prix Cincinnati and battle for blood, guts, and glory.  What are the fellas playing down in the Natti?  What are their goals and what is their perception of the current metagame?

At Your End Step

At Your End Step

At Your End Step is a podcast dedicated to discussing competitive Magic: The Gathering and all news relevant to the MTG Community. At Your End Step is worth a listen if you care about competitive standard, PTQ formats, and general MTG news/information. Hilarity will surely ensue in each episode as the team attempts to wind its way through the life of a grinder.

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