Coalition Victory: GP Richmond!

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GP Richmond finally happened!  The team showed up in force and had a blast playing in the main event and some of the side events.  Hear how all the prep and testing fared for the team.

You can follow the team on their Twitter accounts!

  • Team Twitter @VictoryCast
  • John Walls @oSeabass
  • Jaime D’Agostino @Damaddoc
  • Blaine Toups @blainetoups
  • Ford Wheaton @FordWheaton

You can watch John and some of the team stream on Twitch at

Email any questions, concerns, feedback, etc. to the teams email:

Coalition Victory

Coalition Victory

Team Victory brings their thoughts on a number of different Magic topics and news stories weekly. Having different Magic skill sets allows the team to shine an interesting light and have fun conversations about almost any Magic topic.

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