Joy of Cubing: Trying to Find a Balance

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DIRECT LINK - Joy of Cubing Episode 22 – Trying to Find a Balance

 The boys are at it again to bring you another exciting episode of Joy of Cubing! On top of regularly scheduled segments some of the user submitted topics include talking about the mysterious Conspiracy set and what it means for card design space as well as a discussion of trying to make specific mechanics work in your cube.

 Topics for this week are:




#confusion in the blanks

We would again like to thank Affinity for Cards, who has a pretty sweet deal going on for their loyal customers. Do you like getting rewarded for consistent service and loyalty? Than this is for you! Listen in for the details.

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As always, feedback on the show is encouraged, send us your topics to discuss!

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Joy of Cubing

The Joy of Cubing is a cast focusing on all things cube- from MTGO cube to powered, unpowered, and themed cubes.

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