QS Booze Cube: Cogwork Bartender

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The QS Booze Cube is an ongoing project to support QS Insider member and all-around good guy Scott Peitzer's popular passion projectgive him some facebook likes. The Booze Cube is just for fun (and adults over the legal drinking age, ideally). Don't sell these or try to make money from them in any way. You can't buy these cards from us. If you want to give us money (and really, who doesn't?), sign up for a QS Insider subscription instead.

Cogwork Bartender

Design Goals: Replicate the draft-screwing design of the original Cogwork Librarian without making the card itself unplayable. A colorless Grizzly Bears in Cube is not generally very good, but it's a playable 23rd card. His ability to rummage away 2 cards is net loss, since you lose the Bartender as well. That's OK because between the card selection in-draft and in-game is "virtual" card advantage.

Inspiration: Cogwork Librarian

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Some notes: We don't try to replicate proper Magic templating language in the rules text of cards. We do this to save space and make the cards more human-readable. Remember, you're probably real drunk when you're playing and the subtleties of the Intervening-If clause may elude you.

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2 thoughts on “QS Booze Cube: Cogwork Bartender

  1. Nice! I actually have a similar design for the next version (yep, already started working on it). Mine is a “Creature — Bottle” with boozetouch. Although I might just stick a regular Cogwork Librarian in my cube once I can track down a foil. I’m very excited to see what other new draft mechanics Conspiracy brings.

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