QS Booze Cube: Goblin Shot-Shooter

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The QS Booze Cube is an ongoing project to support QS Insider member and all-around good guy Scott Peitzer's popular passion project. The Booze Cube is just for fun (and adults over the legal drinking age, ideally). Don't sell these or try to make money from them in any way. You can't buy these cards from us. If you want to give us money (and really, who doesn't?), sign up for a QS Insider subscription instead.

Goblin Shot-Shooter

Design Goals: This card is almost entirely a functional reprint of Goblin Sharpshooter, a fun and powerful card in non-alcoholic Magic.    The main challenge was how to turn this into a proper Booze Cube card.  It's not enough to just slap "Drink Beer" onto a card and call it a day.  Well, actually it is.  But be a bit more clever than that.  For better or worse.

This brings up an important aspect of our Booze Cube designs.  Drinking is meant to be a cost of sorts, just like tapping, mana, or paying life.  There's one problem:  there is no in-game mechanism to limit drinking.  The only limit is your liver and sense of self-worth.   So, cards that permit unlimited drinking like "Drink (1): +1/+1 until EOT" essentially read "drink yourself Ad Nauseam  and win the game.  Hilarious, but not really balanced.  So, drinking has to be a cost with other limitations attached.  Or a consequence.  Or, in this case, both.   So, Goblin Shot-Shooter has the potential to lead to some pretty insane turns that leave boards empty and bellies (and toilets) full.  But it has inherent limits imposed by the game state.

We think this is a faithful representation of the original card ( mostly because we straight-up jacked the entire concept word-for-word ) and adds the drinking element in a fun and limited way.   Print off a copy and throw it into your cube.  It might not be first-pickable but damned if it ain't fun.

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Inspiration: Goblin Sharpshooter

Got your own fun custom Booze Cube cards?  Make One and reply with a link to it.

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Some notes: We don't try to replicate proper Magic templating language in the rules text of cards. We do this to save space and make the cards more human-readable. Remember, you're probably real drunk when you're playing and the subtleties of the Intervening-If clause may elude you.

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One thought on “QS Booze Cube: Goblin Shot-Shooter

  1. I like it. I’d probably up the drinking untap cost/death trigger to 3, which is roughly equivalent to 1 mana in most cases. Makes it less easy to machine gun x/1s for free. It would also be more play with a number of the blue cards, which interact when an opponent drinks 3 or more.

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