New Card Frame Enters Circulation

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Journey into Nyx had more than new cards for us. Some old ones had a new twist as well.

Look at the bottom, and you can see the new template for card frames.
Look at the bottom, and you can see the new template for card frames.

Pretty cool, right? Granted, these don't look as dramatic as it does on the rest of the cards we'll see in M15 going forward.

Pretty different, I know. But also pretty cool.
Pretty different, I know. But also pretty cool.

It's not the first time card frames have changed, and I'm sure it won't be the last. And, despite the doom and gloom some people paraded around when this was announced, I can attest that precisely zero people were upset about the new lands at my prerelease.


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Corbin Hosler

Corbin Hosler is a journalist living in Norman, Oklahoma (also known as the hotbed of Magic). He started playing in Shadowmoor and chased the Pro Tour dream for a few years, culminating in a Star City Games Legacy Open finals appearance in 2011 before deciding to turn to trading and speculation full-time. He writes weekly at and biweekly for LegitMTG. He also cohosts Brainstorm Brewery, the only financial podcast on the net. He can best be reached @Chosler88 on Twitter.

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