Jace in Magic 2015: What We Know

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What info do we have?

The mock-up from shows plus, zero and minus loyalty abilities. The mock-up from, which shows two pluses and a minus.  Frankly, I think that this information can be safely discarded.  These are mock-ups, not official previews.  No information should be drawn from them.  Correct me if I'm wrong about the source of these images, of course.  The images are below.

Other than this info, all we have is the art.  That's not much to go on.

Unofficial Mockup:
Unofficial Mockup:

What are our choices?

Here are the four Jaces that have been printed in Planeswalker form so far:

Jaces of Magic

Is it Jace, the Mind Sculptor?

No.  A thousand times no.  Jace TMS is banned in Modern, was banned in Standard when he was legal, and ruins games and friendships.  So I'm willing to say that if Jace, the Mind Sculptor is in Magic 2015, I'll eat one with a knife and fork.  And put it on YouTube.

Probability: Zero.

Financial Implications: End of the freakin' world as we know it.  WOTC have lost their minds.

Is it Jace Beleren? 

I'd venture to guess not.  Thought we do have Liliana Vess, the original Lorwyn version, making a reappearance, I think that Jace Beleren is a bit too un-sexy for a core set.  Compared to the bombastic abilities of the other Planeswalkers seen so far, he just doesn't fit the mold.  Also, the others previewed are all 4- and 5-drops.  This Jace is a 3.

Probability: 1/10.  

Financial Implications:  Increase in supply + increase in demand (now that it's standard-legal) = not much.  You'll have a harder time getting them out of binders because now they'll likely be staples, and you won't want to buylist the ones you trade for anyway, since the spreads will probably drop.

Is it Jace, Architect of Thought?  

In a word: maaaaybe.  The extra "aaaa"s are for my skepticism.  If you look closely at the art, the guild symbols of Ravnica are pictured in the background.  Jace AOT was printed in Return to Ravnica, and was also reprinted in Duel Decks: Jace vs Vraska, which was also Ravnica-themed.   He honestly feels a bit weak for a core set, and core sets are generally catered to casual players.  He's just not too exciting.   Also, he was just reprinted in a Duel Deck, and is already Standard legal.

Probability:  2/10.  Only because of the art.

Financial Implications: This would be a third printing of a card that was going to rotate but now will not.  Bleh.  Quit toying with my emotions.

Maybe it's Jace, Memory Adept?

I'd buy that.  And so would casual players, who for some inexplicable reason love Mill Decks.  JMA is a 5-drop, which puts him on par with the other PWs.  He's got a zero ability, if we want to lend any credence to the mock-up.  Most importantly, though, he has abilities that make casual players happy.  Mill 1, draw a card is good.  Even new players "get" that drawing cards is good.   But Mill 10 for no loss of loyalty?  OMFG, buy all the M15 packs!   

But he's been in M12, M13 and M14.  Isn't it time to change it up?  I just don't think they'll print him a fourth time.  Not when they're making a new Nissa and a new Ajani.

Probability: 5/10

Financial Implications:  A fourth printing for a card already Standard-legal and seeing no platy?  Nowhere to go but down.

So wait, are we getting a new Jace in Magic 2015?

Bottom line: I think so.  Jace TMS is not going to happen.  Jace B is too small and wimpy.  Jace AOT was just reprinted.  And Jace MA has been played out.  So I think it's gonna happen.  I think we get a new Jace in M15.

Probability: 8/10

Financial Implications: Well, until we know what it does, it's hard to say.  But if Nissa and Ajani are any indication, this guy's gonna pack some serious power.  Maybe not Mind Sculpting power, but it's tough to imagine he'll suck.  If he's even halfway decent, he'll command a steep price.

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5 thoughts on “Jace in Magic 2015: What We Know

  1. Your understanding of probabilities and usage of math is really poor.

    According to your article…

    Jace B = 1/10

    Jace AOT = 2/10

    Jace MA = 5/10

    New Jace = 8/10

    TOTAL = 16/10

    1. Adjusted to fractions of the ‘total probability’ of 1.6:

      Jace B = 1/16
      Jace AOT = 1/8
      Jace MA = 5/16
      New Jace = 1/2

      So it’s a coin flip.

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