M15 Spoilers 06/26/14 – More Questions Than Answers

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Crucible of Fire

crucible of fire

Are dragons returning to Tarkir? My limited knowledge of the lore tells me that dragons were hunted to extinction on Tarkir and Sarkhan Vol traveled to other planes in search of more dargons to play with. Does this signal a return of Dargons to Tarkir? Is this to make Stormbreath Dragon marginally better in the worst case of "win-more fever" I've seen since they printed a 6 drop red enchantment that only lets you steal dudes if all of yours are bigger than all of theirs? It's hard to say. Crucible of Fire was enjoying a nice upward trend from bulk toward $5 when this came along and pulled its pants down. Thanks, Obama.

Avacyn, Guardian Angel


This makes me even more upset that this cycle was printed at rare and those poop "souls" are at mythic. What a punt. This card had serious potential for financial growth but it's capped by its rarity, which really blows. You can't follow the price trajectory for any saucy angel printed in the post-mythic era because they don't print Legendary angels as non-Mythic unless they suck. This doesn't suck, but it sucks for the finance community. Having chase cards at non-mythic is baffling.

Phyrexian Revoker


Another spec pooped on. This is a puzzling inclusion in a core set. Is the role of Planeswalkers apt to increase that much in the coming months? This is a whiff in sealed deck, it hurts the price which was flirting with $3 finally and it will likely not see play outside of sideboards. Puzzling indeed.

Perilous Vault


What will be the role of this guy? In EDH, it is obviously nuttier than a bald Snickers.

Thanks, Obama

What is the role outside of 100 card formats? I've seen discussion where this was touted as a possible inclusion in tron, but tron already has Oblivion Stone. But isn't exiling better than destroying? I don't know, let's ask the guy with maindeck Wurmcoil Engine if he wants his artifact to blow things up or exile them. Nothing like a nice, fat nonbo in your tron deck. Does control want this? Potentially. If all you are left with is land, a grip full of cards and an Ajani emblem, you may be inclined to Shahrazad while your opponent is out of gas. Does this get the nod over Coercive Portal in the formats where both cards are legal? Hard to say. Foils of this may be non-sane at first if C.P. is any indication.

Jace the Redacted

Is the guildpact come to life in yet another Jace printing? Is this new art for Jace Beleren? All that's been spoiled is this cryptic frame and new art, leaving us with more questions than answers. I don't know what to tell you besides "wait and see" but when they fill in some more of the blanks, I'll be on the case and you'll hear about it here first.


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