M15 Spoilers 06/30/14 – Garruk, Apex Predator

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"I typed "Ape" into the Crystal Ball on the Mothership and it came back with one result. Kird Ape reprint confirmed!" - A conversation I wish had taken place


I miss that crystal ball. The "ape" in "apex" faking everyone out would have been funny in hindsight. As it is, let's show the apex already.

Garruk, Apex Predator

garruk apex predator

This is a thing.

I was a little morose earlier because I didn't think that the "souls" cycle was going to be enough of an impetus for casual players to pop boosters.

Even if they don't care about the other 'walkers, which I think they will, holy damn. This card is going to sell boosters to the hoopleheads.

I like how Garruk is naturally hunching to fit his tiny art box. There's a lot of text on this card.

At the risk of being accused of comparing this card to Jace the Mind Sculptor, they do both have 4 abilities. That's probably where the comparisons stop.

A more apt comparison is Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker. Vorthos nerds sniffed out the truth of this card's printing weeks ago; congrats, nerds. You were totally right.

This card is going to presell for more than it should, but I don't know that the price will come down. This may be the chase card of the set, irrespective of playability. Don't expect to make much money on these if you do anything besides busting them in packs.

Chord of Calling


Card Kingdom is buying these for $25. It's too late, they won't get there in time. Unfortunately this card was spoiled too late for people at the GP to sell to dealers and I bet buylist prices on this guy tank. If you have them, you're probably boned. Still, the Ravnica border could command a premium so don't fire sale these. They'll trade well, Standard play will stabilize the price (don't fool yourself - it's going to "stabilize" it well below its current value) and your Ravnica copies might get a "novelty" bump. I expect this to be less ubiquitous in Standard than Thoughtseize so I think that's a poor corollary to check price trajectory if that was your inclination. Sorry about your luck if you have a ton of these, but Wizards has demonstrated a willingness to reprint Modern cards, and the spoiling of Convoke as a mechanic was a clue a lot of people missed when they reasoned that the spoiling of Exalted as a mechanic didn't herald the reprinting of Ignoble Hierarch. Buylist numbers on Chord  were unperturbed by the spoiling of the convoke mechanic in the set. Don't expect that for M16.

Necromancer's Stockpile

I love this card. I have to keep reminding myself that Bloodghast isn't a zombie. Still, the synergy between this card and Bloodghast is evident when you think about the rest of the deck and how 'Ghast surely makes the list. For example, the synergy between Necromancer's Stockpile and Gravecrawler is saucy. Gravecrawler is about as low as a card can go. Vengevine is up in price for no good reason, but this may be all that deck needs to grow the beard in Modern. Is this better than Zombie Infestation? I think it is in a lot of ways, but if the mana cost to activate it proves prohibitive, it will be too bad. This card is sick. EDH wants foils of this, and it was born to put Ichorid in the yard. There has to be a way to make this work.

In standard, it's a bit of a high cost given I haven't seen much I want in my yard on purpose. Soul of Innistrad? We'll see. I mostly like this with Gravecrawler and I eagerly await Sam Black breaking this in Legacy.


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8 thoughts on “M15 Spoilers 06/30/14 – Garruk, Apex Predator

  1. Well ‘GAP’ is ok, I guess as you said we’ll have to see playability…

    However Chord! is awesome, sure it was possible but honestly never thought WOTC would actually print it- kudos! suddenly standard got a whole lot more interesting…and with raise the alarm is makes it even spicier!

    SCG had prerelease pricing at $9.99 (surely just to judge will likely be $25 by morning..

      1. lol well its still $10…just thought it would have been More of chase rare…at least in my mind what the card can do in any format can be pretty busted, so I guess I have higher expectations than most maybe…

          1. eh arguments for ” it didnt do anything at x and y time ” don’t seem to hold much weight in my eyes. Sure, it’s something to take into account but this is a brand new standard environment with a new card pool. We’ll simply have to see if this card makes an impact in a new setting.

  2. Do you think the reprint of Chord of Calling will have any effect to the modern format?

    Wizards IS printing modern cards. What do you think the limit for a modern card is? Just being able to be reprinted. Tarmogoyf, Vendilion Clique, Dark Confidant and Cryptic Command were all reprinted and increased, but they also see play in legacy.

  3. Really peeved by the timing of back to nature.The Wizards were actively promoting constellation when Return to Nyx came out.So if they were going to print such a cheap,effective hoser,it should have been either in Return to Nyx,or after a reasonable interval – say 6 months.Instead,they wait just long enough for us to spend good money on the constellation cards before nobbling them with the hate.

  4. Heya we are the very first time the following. I uncovered this particular table i to discover It genuinely helpful & this helped me away lots. I’m hoping offer the one thing returning in addition to aid some others such as you made it simpler for my family estaban.

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