M15 – Tonight’s the Night

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LSV finishes the set here by uncermeniously dumping the rest of the set, lands, artifacts and all lumped in with green like the kid with asthma and the kid with scoliosis both co-picked last for dodgeball. It's obviously worth a read and the clock is obviously ticking. If you're playing a midnight prerelease, now is the time to get your last few practice sealed pools in.

I decided to chug a Red Bull last night at around 11 PM so I could be awake for an EDH night that petered out before it really even got going and 12 hours later I've still got the dragon by the tail. Is that even a metaphor? I have no idea, I'm so tired right now you could play a Gravecrawler from your graveyard if I stood next to it. The combination of lack of sleep and tweakiness from ingesting so much caffeine when the normal amount I get is "0 mg, ever" has led to some pretty crazy sealed pool shenanigans. I've documented a bit of it.

7:35 AM - I think the sealed pool generator I'm using may be garbage. This pool has 4 copies of Belligerent Sliver. 4! I think the odds are slightly better that you'll get 2 foil Garruks. At least I have 4 hammerhand to play on them.

7:43 AM - I am noticing that I get Waste Not an awful lot. Will investigate further. Farther? Farther.

7:45 AM - 10 pools in, still have a Waste Not every time.

7:46 AM - No Waste Not, but I got 2 Siege Dragon and 4 Hot Soup. I hope I get Hot Soup in my pool tonight. I'll be all "HOT SOOOOOOOOOP" when I equip it. You know, with that many Os, you don't even need a U.

That reminds me of one time I was in a Wendy's drive-through and the guy told me that the car in front of him had asked if Wendy's sold soup, and when he said "we have chili, but no soup" the guy got frustrated and drove off. Then the Wendy's guy and I watched him get in line for the Burger King drive-though. You know, a place way less likely to have soup. Make better life choices, guy. Hit up a Subway if you really want food poisoning that much.

7:50 AM - I'm back to getting Waste Not; this one's foil. I'm going to use a different generator.

Someone suggested this one so I'll give it a whirl.

8:00 AM - That's the stuff. It's harder to build, but I get a much better sense of what real pools will be like.

8:05 AM - You can pick which colored pack you want to try out. I wonder which color is the best.

8:06 AM - I did a pool with 30 white packs to get a sense of what I'll end up with. I'm not impressed. The Resolute Archangel is clunky and hard to summon, and unless I want to play Battle Mastery a ton, this will end in tears. I would like a better shot at Triplicate Spirits, but not at the expense of what appears to be a 20% chance of getting a Soul of Theros. Yuck.

8:11 - Wow, Blue sucks. I am not sure why I am surprised, but I kind of am. I want a better chance at Void Snare, but I am mostly getting more Into the Void, which I don't mind, and Statute of Denial, which I mind. Counterspells are mediocre in limited when they're not super easy to play around. Dissipate is in the mix, too. With Mercurial Pretender only able to copy your own creatures, which is about as useful as cupholders on the space shuttle, you're going to just suck. Jorubai Murk Lurker pops up a lot, but even though he's pretty good, his name sucks and he forces you into a color I'd rather have supported from the other end.

8:15 AM - Phytotitan, you are so bad. You can't even infi block. You are a bad card and I hate you. I would only pick green if made some sort of bizarre bet that I would win with a Hornet's Nest token and wanted a good shot at the nest and the queen. So many copies of Wall of Mulch. Also, I'm pretty sure Feral Incarnation is unplayable. I think they put it in M13 at mythic only it made angels and it lost people every game they played it against me. At least the beasts here come in untapped, which is more than I can say for the rest of your team. I hate green seeded packs.

8:21 AM - I...kinda hate red. I did NOT see that coming. Act on Impluse is probably even worse than I think it is (I think it's mediocre at best) and I am getting a ton of these, plus a ton of wall of fire. I am not even happy to see Kurkesh and he's my favorite card in the set. Kurkesh is a Roshen Meanderer in this set - you play him because he is a giant, not because his ability matters. Cone of Flame is the stoneys, but it's not worth it. Does black win by default?

8:30 AM - Gooooood googily moogily. Black is the best because it is the only seeded pack that matters. You get a crack at ulcerate, crippling blight and flesh to dust. You get Soul of Innistrad. Also, Indulgent Tormentor is just actually amazing. Go black at the prerelease. Final verdict, not close.

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