Art of Tarkir

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We haven't had any cards from Khans spoiled recently, but we have had some art spoiled. Some of these images look pretty slick, and won't look nearly as good when shrunk down on a card.

Here's a Mardu card. Mardu is all about speed and this looks like no exception. Is this a creature? And aura that grants haste? Hard to say, but this does have a distinct "Mongolian plains" feel to it, and I imagine most of the Mardu are going to have that sort of "rampaging Mongol horde" feel to them.

This card with the Temur symbol has a distinctly Himalayan feel to it. The fact that this guy is as big as the mountains in the background could mean this is a Giant Growth type card, although the flames coming out of his hand in a Dragon claw formation could mean it's more nuanced than that. This could be a legendary creature in the vein of Zurgo Helmsmasher. Hard to tell from the art, but this looks pretty tight. Are the Temur mountain-dwellers?

The Sultai are the fang of the Dragon, and this gorgon-looking creature is no exception. Damia players will await a new potential general in the Sultai's new legendary creature, and gorgon-lovers everywhere will await a few new playable gorgons for their silly gorgon decks. Are the Sultai underground dwellers, hiding and using the shadows to conceal their motives? That's a leap from just one picture, but it fits.

Jeskai, a dumb and embarrassing name for the wedge (yet less dumb and embarrassing than continuing to call decks of this color "American"). Jeskai pictures always end up looking like anime. Is this a screenshot from Avatar? Did you get a load of the Kung Fu Panda group shot they revealed before?

The original

And the direct-to-DVD sequel. I guess the Jeskai are going to be kind of like Tibetan monks. I hope all of their group shots are equally silly. The only thing consistent between the two pictures is the giant grey guy. Is that the same guy? Could he be the Jeskai leader, featured as a Legendary creature? Could be cool, I guess.

This Abzan warrior clearly just got done watching Batman Begins. Swords are good for parrying and blocking, too, you know.

"No. Abzan is scale of the Dragon. Check out how scaly I am."

I think a junk-colored wedge could be cool, but if all we get are defensive spells and lifegain, I'm likely out.

We get less than nothing from this except for the dress which reveals I don't know enough about Chinese history to place it. Are the Abzan desert wanderers? Royalty ruling the land as part of a centuries-long dynasty? Your guess is as good as or better than mine. Still this picture looks pretty tight.

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