Khans of Tarkir Spoilers 8/18/2014

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Speed Vs. Cunning is the gift that keeps on giving. We have a few presents from the visual spoiler today.

Some old favorites are getting new art.

And some of our suspicions have been confirmed.

The old cycle of tri-lands had a tendency to be underrated. While they were first-pickable in draft, people didn't tend to consider them collection picks until a lot of them started to approach $1 on buylists. A few of them have gotten several reprints over the years and that has limited their upside and obscured how much they would be worth now if they had been left to their devices. Get as many of these as you can for free. People had a tendency to leave the older ones lying on tables once the draft was over and while that may not happen this time around, grab free money while you can and sock these away in a box. Also, the foils will be underpriced. I think they will be overpriced right away, but they will sink and become solid pickups after a while. These are great EDH inclusions and foils will be valuable.

Jeskai Elder

So now we have a new keyword - prowess. This is a really clunky card, but it may get there in limited. However, you don't play as many non-creatures in limited so you're likely using this guy as a poor man's Ophidian. The card itself is not relevant, but you have to wonder if there will be any relevant creatures with Prowess.

All signs indicate that despite RUW being control colors now, Jeskai is not as much a control wedge as you'd imagine. With this odd [card]Wee Dragonauts[card]esque keyword, we may see Jeskai play more like RUW delver than RUW control.

Is Prowess better than the ability on a card like Blistercoil Weird or Nivmagus Elemental? Not on this creature, but if we get a good creature like that, card like Gut Shot and especially Gitaxian Probe could have real upside on Modern. Probe is out of control right now as it is.

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Jason Alt

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11 thoughts on “Khans of Tarkir Spoilers 8/18/2014

  1. So, noob question: is it confirmed, already, that these cards will be in KTK or there’s only a chance, since they’re getting reprinted for the Duel Deck?

    1. The cards that are brand new are basically 99.99% a lock for KTK. WotC tends to do this w/ DD’s just ahead of a new set (see: Polukranos).

      But since the rest of the deck is all reprints, those are far less clear to be included and the vast majority won’t show up in KTK.

  2. We also know that Morph is the returning mechanic and that Willbender is in this DD – so it’s certainly possible that it’s on the block for a reprint. I don’t think there’s anything to be gained from this info, but it’s worth noting regardless.

    1. Yeah, I think one of the reprinted Morph cards could be on the block for a reprint (ala Magma Jet reprint in Theros and also showing up in the DD), though none of them would be financially relevant.

  3. The title of this article might be a little misleading… yes we did have a few cards spoiled from khans but having the first thing pictured be goblin bombardment in an article titled Khans spoilers implies that it will be in Khans which I don’t believe is true.

    Unless I’m just overreacting but I almost went nuts on specs when I thought that was coming into standard/modern

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