Want to Watch Someone Open Vintage Booster Packs?

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Filming the opening of various booster packs for YouTube is hardly a new phenomenon, but a new channel, openboosters, is taking things to a new level with updates almost every day. Whoever is behind this account has a lot of Vintage product. Think those italics are hyperbolic? Check it out:

If you don't think that's a lot of Vintage product, I'd like to see what's stashed in your closet.

What Has He Opened?

You know, I don't think it would be cool to tell you. Spoilers and all, you know? Personally, I don't care too much about seeing Arabian Nights or Legends boosters get opened. Sure, there's some sweet stuff there, but we all know the real goodies are in Alpha and Beta packs. It's kind of cool that every basic land opened is essentially a $5 bill, and some commons are upward of $20. But it's the rare slots that really matter.

There have been a few nice ones so far. Check this out:

Not bad, huh? How about this one?

That's all pretty cool, but I know what you really came to see:

We're getting closer to insane, so how about one more for the road?

Hard to find a better rare than that one, right?

So far our mystery man has been opening far more Legends than anything else, working his way through a box with one booster per video, so if you're interested in checking that out, you can find the playlist here.

As a Limited player, I never just crack packs for fun. I didn't get started playing until roughly Ice Age, so I have personally never opened product that goes this far back (and I don't think I ever will). This is as close as I'll ever get, and I've been enjoying the vicarious thrill. I hope you do, too!

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6 thoughts on “Want to Watch Someone Open Vintage Booster Packs?

  1. I was fully expecting something insane on that last pack. Like a mis-cut recall and time walk down the middle of the card. Or a foil Korean lotus. Or maybe a honus wagner baseball card signed by George Washington.

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