Khans of Tarkir Prerelease Price Guide

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Each pre-release, we compile a list of the valuable cards from the new set and put them into a handy, printer-friendly document.  The goal is to give everyone quick, easy access to price information when they go to their pre-release events.  This keeps trading fair, and more importantly, who wants to mess with their phone to look up prices at 3AM?  Not me.

You can print it using the PDF link below, but we've also given you access to the source data so you can customize it if you want!  It's got all the cards that currently retail (via TCGPlayer "Mid" price) for a dollar or more.  The left-hand column is sorted by price, so you can see what's most valuable at a glance.  The right-hand column is sorted alphabetically so you can quickly look up your cards.

You already know these are worth some serious cash.
You already know these are worth some serious cash.

I highly encourage you to print off a dozen copies of this and bring them to the pre-release.  


Because a lot of new, or returning players come to pre-releaess.  This is your chance to be an ambassador for the game and to help them avoid bad experiences.  It's tough to get ripped off in a trade when the prices of your cards are staring you in the face all night.  Heck, print 2 dozen.

These cheat sheets are a QS pre-release tradition that our staff compiles as a way to encourage fair trading and spread the culture of MTG finance far and wide.  They're free for everyone, so enjoy!

[PDF] Khans of Tarkir Cheat Sheet (Printable)

[GDOC] Khans of Tarkir Cheat Sheet (Spreadsheet View)

We also have a cheat sheet to help you remember which Morph creatures go with which colors / clans.

 Khans of Tarkir Morph Creatures

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