Commander 2014 Spoilers – 10/30/14

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Ermagerd! Sperlers!

It would appear things are going at a normal clip following the worst dump of private material since those Jennifer Lawrence nudes. There aren't any black cards to spoil but the other colors more than make up for it.

Scrap Mastery

Oh, good god. This is a beautiful card. Living Death for artifacts? Provided you're built the way a red deck should after this precon comes out, your opponents are likely to get bupkis and you're going to really benefit. I don't like symmetrical effects but this is going to be easier to set yourself up to be the sole beneficiary than most cards. I think it's safe to say the Red deck is the deck to buy if Dualcaster mage does anything at all price-wise. Some LGSs are jacking their prices up on some of these decks, which is lame. Don't make me go to Walmart, LGS. I think Wotc got the balance right and these will feel like good value at $30-$35 or whatever they call MSRP, but we won't see a stampede for them. I'm all about that scenario.

Scrap Mastery's price is affected by Dualcaster Mage's price more than its own playability but this card is so very good. I like this kind of deck so much, that when I wrote about it on Gathering Magic this week, I couldn't decide between Kurkesh, Feldon or Bosh so I went with a deck that can support all three. That deck wants this card in the worst way. I don't know what all is in the red deck, but it's an artificer's wet dream if things go as I anticipate and the red deck contains both the already-spoiled Wurmcoil Engine and also

Daretti, Scrap Savant

...and also Daretti, the first Italian goblin. Daretti made me an offer I couldn't refuse when he said "jam me in your deck, you ugly idiot" and I was too happy with his abilities to refuse. Is daretti the best Commander in the cycle? I don't know, but he certainly does what he wants to do very well. This guy powers his own -2, he powers Feldon, he powers Goblin Welder... I just love this guy's full kit. His emblem is going to just grind people out, but it shouldn't come to that. Welding for -2 seems steep, but card draw in red more than makes up for it and you should have no trouble digging for what you need and reanimating it. I don't think Scrap Mastery matters financially because it's a slave to the trifecta of Daretti, Wurmcoil and Dualcaster. Those cards are going to determine whether speculators start tearing into these or if players grab them. Red is the consensus worst color in EDH and it's sure getting some help here. This is a solid walker and it does very solid, advantagey things. It's not as splashy and the terrible players whose opinions I see on facebook have already called this card "trash" (more like Trash for Treasure) so I know it's not going to be super popular with casuals. I don't know at what price you buy into this guy aggressively, but I imagine it never gets that cheap.

Nahiri, the Lithomancer

Apparently this is not "The" Stoneforge Mystic but rather merely "A" Stoneforge Mystic. Whatever the case may be, this planeswalker does WORK. That Stoneforged blade is going to do some serious work in a Voltron deck, but the real winner here is its +2. Attaching equipment without paying the equip cost is a very flavorful Kor ability but it's also a super relevant one when you have good equipment with a high or punishing equip cost like Argentum Armor or Sigil of Distinction. Getting equipment out of the yard is a very good -2. This is a splashier planeswalker than Daretti. I have a feeling Daretti is much better and time will bear that out, but white is better than red and this may see more play anyway.

This card hints at a better equipment than what we've seen so far being in the deck. Is it Batterskull? Is it something new and better? I don't know, but with all of the white mythics not spoiled yet, there is a possibility we haven't seen the best the white deck has to offer. If we don't see anything good, we may see a curious effect take place. I'll go more in depth in my article Monday, but I feel like MSRP will enforce a higher price for the good cards in bad decks if they end up unbalanced and we could see this card disproportionately high. Let's hope we have a good deck instead.

Loreseeker's Stone

3, T: Draw three cards. This ability costs 1 more to activate for each card in your hand.

This card exists in a weird space, and I might rather have Dreamstone Hedron. However, if you can empty your hand reasonably well, this sort of Fool's Tome effect could come in real handy. Plus, late in the game, paying 7 mana to draw up to 7 seems fair. You don't sacrifice this to use it and it comes into play untapped. All in all, it deserves its uncommon rating most likely, but it's a fine inclusion in a precon and we could see it see play. I personally think Krosan Restorer sets the bar for EDH deck uncommons and Restore is worth under a quarter, so I wouldn't go investing in these.

Stormsurge Kraken

Hmm. This is a clunky card indeed. A sea monster with a built-in Infiltration Lens kind of thing is odd flavor wise. This isn't the best lieutenant but it's not the worst, either. Edric decks may benefit from a kind of "damned if you do, damned if you don't" sort of scenario, but I don't predict this gets much play. Drawing cards is always gas, so we'll see, but this won't be a reason to buy the blue deck.

Fell the Mighty

Determined to never print another 4 mana wrath, now we're seeing a race to add the best upside to a 5 mana one. This may not be the best, but it could work in swarmy decks. If your biggest dude is 2/2 you could cleanse the battlefield of a lot of big fatties and leave your army free to go to town. This is better than Cataclysm or Duneblast effects that leave you with just one creature because it can leave you with more than one. Still, it can leave your opponents with creatures, too. If I'm jamming a 5 mana wrath in EDH, it's going to be End Hostilities so I can blow the boots off of their hexproof dudes, but this is worth it in some decks. It's narrow and it has a lot of competition. This isn't a reason to buy the white deck.

Creeper Vine

Creature - Plant Elemental

1G: Target creature you control has base power and toughness 5/5 and gains trample until end of turn.

This is a pretty decent card. I'm not sure it is going to set the world on fire, but if you're playing with the precon as-is, this can steal a game or two. Still, this is looking like it's going to end up a bulk rare unless people really want to pay a lot of mana to selectively Overrun. If you're buffing a small creature like an elf, boosting its base power and toughness could be significant, but this is most likely a slow and cumbersome way to do something other green cards already do better.

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