5 thoughts on “Just Desserts

  1. These people need longer bans. Trevor is so unapologetic and is trying to be the victim in this. Alex too. I guarantee that when there bans lift, they’ll be back to their old tricks. People like them don’t just stop cheating because they’ve been caught.

  2. I haven’t kept up in awhile, but last I knew lifetime bans were reserved for assault, threat of assault, or other felony-level behavior (the 07-09 GP theft ring). Every name I recognize on the list with a lifetime ban (2045-9999) is either assault or theft.

  3. Sweet, sweet justice.

    If he was just as bad as a felon, they would have sent him to jail. Now he can focus his energy towards cheating at Hearthstone.

  4. Alex cheated on camera. The fact he started cheating again after his ban tells me that it really is worth cheating, just don’t be stupid to get caught on camera.
    I’m going to start cheating too.

    (not really, I’m a L2 judge!)

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