Want to Play Hymn and Sinkhole in Pauper? Now’s Your Chance!

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The last build of MTGO came with an unintended feature:


Most notably, this impacts the cards Hymn to Tourach and Consuming Sinkhole, two mono-black powerhouses from the very earliest days of the game. It's possible these cards may be pretty powerful in the format. Talk about turning a metagame on its head.

To her credit, Wizards of the Coast Community Coordinator Alison Luhrs was right on this issue. She responded to Ullman right away and reported the problem to the appropriate team.



A quick response and fix is a total win for WOTC, right? Three cheers for things working the way they're supp—


Hmm, so that's a thing.

Sinkhole hymntotourach

If you wanted to take the next couple weeks jamming overpowered nonsense in a format not remotely prepared for it, this may be your opportunity. Of course, I also would not be surprised to see any Daily Events between now and October 22 cancelled, given that players could be justifiably angry to face down cards that are not technically legal in the format. As always, it's the MTGO team's move.

Update on Sealed Contest

We've received a bunch of entries for the Sealed deck contest posted last Friday, and today is the deadline listed. However, upon reflection, I'm unlikely to look at the entries until next week, so I'm extending the deadline through the weekend. If you still want to enter, please submit your decklist to me by Sunday, October 12, 2014, at midnight EST. The winner will be announced shortly thereafter!

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