They Call This the Legacy Cube?

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I did a whole bunch of MTGO Cube drafting over the holiday weekend. In general, the new Legacy Cube seems pretty solid. But in my drafts, I noticed a disturbing thing:

~nooldborderedcards (1)

Despite this ostensibly being the Legacy Cube, which implies a strong commitment to the history of Magic—its legacy, if you will—there are exactly zero old-bordered cards in this pack, despite these versions existing:

bayoumtgo woodedfoothills woodelves

I realize that it is in WOTC's interest to plug its newest products, such as Vintage Masters and Khans of Tarkir, but to call this the Legacy Cube and then make decisions that basically minimize the actual legacy of this game seems questionable.

Of course, new-bordered cards feel less consequential when you see the worst shortcoming of the Legacy Cube's card choices:

phyrexianarena forcespike plowunder

Including white-bordered cards in the Legacy Cube (or anywhere on MTGO, for that matter) is an insult to taste, art, and every faithful MTGO player who just wants to play with decent-looking cards.

Using new-bordered cards is defensible from a business standpoint, if not from an aesthetic standpoint. But there is no defense for these white-bordered cards in the cube. WOTC: You have it in your power to fix this travesty of taste. Please, do the right thing.

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Danny Brown

Danny is a Cube enthusiast and the former Director of Content for Quiet Speculation.

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2 thoughts on “They Call This the Legacy Cube?

    1. Completely agree about using original art on cards: when I play Force of Will or Survival of the Fittest in Cube on MTGO, it just doesn’t *feel* like I’m playing those cards; the art in the Cube has no history.

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