Days of Past Futures

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It's Time Travel week on the mothership. We covered Mark Rosewater's excellent article about time travel, and that article has stirred a lot of discussion. Some people are even trying to design new Magic card backs based on what they read. Pretty interesting to think about what could have been different. This was almost a thing!

Would Magic have been as good a game? I doubt it.

Today as part of Time Travel week, Gavin Verhey talked all about Mono-green. He even managed to make a case for Shamanic Revelations. Not a great case necessarily, but a case. Revelations doesn't have to be worse than Harmonize if you build around it, and with the sheer power of green right now and Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx cratering to $2, it may be time to build big green while we still have the cards to do it. Here's Gavin's list.



Ramping to Ugin seems pretty good to me. The full article is on the mothership. 

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4 thoughts on “Days of Past Futures

  1. Like so many of Maro’s articles, he actually does have something important to talk about but his style (in this case a conversation with Richard Garfield) gets in the way of the substance. He stretches 1000 words of content into over 3800 words.
    That said, I think they just need to tear the bandaid off on the card backs and probably should have years ago, when they knew it was a problem. Fix the logo, remove the blue pen mark and Deckmaster. By Magic’s 30th anniversary, no one would even be upset anymore.

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