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Recently an eight-year-old girl attended GP Denver. It was her first major event and if she likes the game enough to be jimmy-jammed in a windowless room with a bunch of unshowered nerds, I'm sure she had a blast. Word spread about the young competitor and  her father must have contacted Wizards to congratulate them on a job well done because this week a package was waiting for her when she got home.

Her father, /u/conrey on reddit, shared a few snaps of the unboxing in an imgur gallery.

It wasn't a bad haul and it included a personalized letter from some of the people at Wizards. There is a closeup of the letter on imgur.

Every once in a while, you see a story like this and remember that while Hasbro calls a lot of the shots, Wizards still makes a lot of decisions and will occasionally do something like this. Her father claims Wizards has made a fan for life - and on a week where lots of people are threatening to quit Magic forever, a fan for life is hard to come by.

Follow Wizards' example and be a good ambassador to the younger players you see at prerelease and other casual events. A fan for life could end up a trade partner or customer for life as well and the game has to grow to survive another 21 years.

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