Predictions for LSV’s First Episode as Limited Resources Co-Host

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Luis Scott-Vargas has been on LR a few times before, but as Corbin highlighted earlier this week, the hall-of-famer is now on the cast to stay.


Here's what we already know:

  • This is sweet.
  • Channel Fireball will be the new sponsor of the show.
  • Card Kingdom still has one of the best buylists around, despite no longer being the LR sponsor (I mean, unless something horrible and unannounced has happened, but nah).
  • Marshall's draft videos will now appear on Channel Fireball, too.
  • This is, seriously, so sweet.

I hate to get all fan boy, but I'm really excited about this. As far as MTG video content goes, I watch a fair bit, but LSV is the only pro whose videos I watch 100 percent of. In my mind, no other content creator explains his lines so clearly or expresses his thought process so easily. He's also a subtly funny dude, which means he is not only a great teacher but a great entertainer. For these reasons, he fits into the LR ethos perfectly: a guy who is going to make you better at Magic but also make you laugh. 

With that in mind, here's my top eight predictions about what LSV's first episode (and probably many subsequent ones) will bring to the table:

  1. There will be more than ten twenty utterances of the word "reasonable."
  2. LSV will strongly advocate taking a seven-drop during the crack-a-pack, and I, for one, hope it is Venerable Lammasu.
  3. A Snowhorn Rider will be opened, they'll discuss it, and LSV will reference the Temur deck being his "worst matchup." Marshall will know it's coming and be ready for it.
  4. There will be more than five puns that go completely over Marshall's head.
  5. There will be more than five inside jokes that go completely over our heads.
  6. Marshall will be so taken aback with something outlandish LSV says that the show comes to a standstill for half a minute (remember that editing on LR is minimal).
  7. There will be frequent references to monkeys, apes, and primates peppered throughout the show, but they will be so subtle that you'll miss half of them.
  8. LSV will take up the signoff mantle, but with a new twist (like what?!).

If you can't tell (you can), I'm really looking forward to this Friday. I mean, like most American workers, I'm always looking forward to Friday, but in this case, there's more reason behind it than just starting the weekend. Although, now that I think about it: jeez, the weekend. I'm pretty remarkably excited about that, too. Maybe even more excited than for LR's first LSV-co-hosted episode. It's hard to say.

Sorry, I got sidetracked there.

What's not hard to say is that if you're serious about getting better at Limited and you don't listen to Limited Resources, you're doing it wrong. Pull yourself together and fix this gaping hole in your knowledge library.

Danny Brown

Danny is a Cube enthusiast and the former Director of Content for Quiet Speculation.

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2 thoughts on “Predictions for LSV’s First Episode as Limited Resources Co-Host

  1. It will be interesting to hear what happens if they draft a jeskai deck and then in pack 3 the open, let’s say, a hooded hydra. Marshall will go “O it’s worth a tic I have to take it”… what will lsv do (besides nodding his head)…

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