When Magic Terms Show Up in Real Life

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I kind of love seeing Magic terms show up in real life. As a Magic player, even normal words can take on special meaning:



Sometimes it's not quite exact, but you still recognize a close enough reference to make a Magic connection:

IMG_3919 gildedlotus

A local pizza place has this on the menu (and no, it is reportedly not Magic-related, at least according to the owner):


Finally, if Magic players do anything with extreme prolificness, it is create and use acronyms. But for the muggles out there, they don't know that these acronyms are already claimed! Here's a couple I noticed in the last couple weeks:



Call me a nerd—you'd be right—but I think this stuff is cool. Except for the Mana Drain (which I pulled off of Urban Spoon), I took all these photos in the last couple weeks. I know that some of you see something like this every day on your commute, or have noticed similar things while out and about. If you've got any particularly cool or funny or out of place ones, I'd love to see them! Tweet them to me at @dbro37, or email them to me at dannybrown37 at gmail dot com. If I get enough good responses, I'll write a follow-up article highlighting the best of the best of the best.

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Danny Brown

Danny is a Cube enthusiast and the former Director of Content for Quiet Speculation.

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