Why MTGCardsmith? Why?

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This may surprise you to read, but I think Chromanticore is a powerful card and I wouldn't mind serving with it. It's really hard to differentiate the rant from the aftermath now, but at the time, I was very aware that even though I thought the card was powerful and could even be a bomb in limited with the right manabase, the design of the card was terrible. It was reminiscent of the cards that my friends used to design when they were 12. And anyone remember this piece of crap?

Jesus, what terrible design. A card that may or may not be in your face-down library has an ability? You have to be able to target and opponent for this card to have a power and toughness? Yuck. Maybe Wizards was hiring 12 year-olds at the same time I was 12. I could have designed lots of cards just like this one.

Chromanticore brought back all of those memories of my friends making craptastic cards that were 20/20 creatures for two mana of every color and had 9 keyword abilities. I didn't think anything could be worse than that.

I was wrong.

Why MTGCardsmith is a tumblr page dedicated to the worst cards people are designing with the MTGCardsmith program.

There are some hilaribad cards on here, and it's fun to peruse the page and wonder what people were thinking when they made these. Spelling and grammar mistakes accompany baffling design and templating choices. If you're the kind of person who laughs at junk like this, and I'm sure most of you are, this will make your day. I found a few I really liked.

Valakut and manaplez. I win again. Good thing my lands all had haste.

I just read an article saying Underground Sea should be called "Underpowered Sea". Swampy Island will be in M16 and will be the 6th Basic land type.

This is essentially what I saw when they printed Chromanticore.

Can't be the target of spells your opponents control. Or ones you control, either. Psych.

I think it's OP the way he destroys any human/dragon that blocks it. Say your prayers, Chameleon Colossus.


This was fun, but the Tumblr page is full of dozens more.


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