Your Visual Prerelease Primer!

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It's nearly time for FNM and after that, the midnight prerelease events kick off. If you're looking to do any battling this weekend, it couldn't hurt to see what the Pros think.

Someone on reddit took the time to compile not only Marshall Sutcliffe's ratings, but also LSV's ratings for the commons and uncommons and compile them into on imgur gallery. Marshall is on the left, LSV the right. Each common and uncommon looks like this.



Familiarize yourself with the cards they call poop and the cards whose ratings may surprise you before midnight. For the most part, they agree with each other within a letter grade, which helps to support the ratings they both give.

One last thing, Danny Brown wrote about "unplayables" this week and a few of you came out against Danny's classification of Aven Skirmisher as poop and made fun of him. You can disagree with us here at Brainstorm Brewery. That's fine. But sometimes that means disagreeing with Marshall and LSV, too.



The entire gallery is on IMGUR and is a pretty quick read. I used to peruse the text set lists, but this is a better way to do it. Isn't technology the best?

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3 thoughts on “Your Visual Prerelease Primer!

  1. It’s tough to judge this stuff in a vacuum though. I chose Sultai and ended up going BW tempo because 3 of the rares I pulled were Monastery Mentor, Soulfire Grandmaster and Dragonscale General. The card that single handily did me the most work was Grave Strength, rated a D. The second best card was Dragonscale General. Pressure Point and Sandblast (rated C to C+) were also very good. Mentor was awesome the one game I untapped with it still alive, but all the other games it was quickly removed.

  2. I actually played Citadel Siege during my pre release, and it won me games on the back of Aven Skirmishers and Typhoid Rats. Good cards can make bad cards look good.

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