1. Very telling. I think many players have started to realize that innovation in magic comes from the community, not from Wizards itself. What powers a community like this is the expectation of what Magic could be, and what separates this from online gaming is the ability to actually turn these expectations into reality on our own. One more reason to never invest in MTGO.

  2. That’s so sad. I’ve entertained the idea of trying to get a job at Wizards, but as time went on, I developed a career in the real world. It sounds like it was a damn good thing I never even tried to get into Magic R&D.

    But even if working at Wizards in a nightmarish Dilbert-opia, we still have a super sweet paper card game we can play and talk about.

  3. Aside from the game itself it is unbelievable to see/hear that from a business perspective.

    Don’t you want to fire all these inefficient managers/leaders/employees and make better profit with a business that has tremendous potential?

    • No because the parent company is hands off… And why fire people unless it is to replace them with your friends. For instance Randy Buehler who lost them literally millions still being a independent contractor with the company. As long as WOTC is profitable Hasbro doesn’t step in, as long as they don’t step in no one need know the insane amount of nepotism that goes on at WOTC.

  4. Such a company is going to destroy itself eventually.They have a great position on the market. To keep it that way, they need further innovation. If not, other companies will do and they will lose their share.

    I may not be a fan of blizzard, but heartstone is proving that they know the concept I explained above and they are investing in that. MTGO may still be more popular than heartstone. The market shift will grow slowly.

    PS: I work in a company that is focussing on that innovation aspect, with a lot of positive effect. We are growing year after yeaf above our own expectations. We stay ahead of the other companies in area’s where we are market leader, because of further innovation. And in products were we are no market leader, we are growing because we invest more in innovation.

    I’m surprised WOTC is not following this road. Certainly because blizzard is openly showing them how it needs to be done.

  5. My Brother worked for WOTC(IT Dept) right at the time Hasbro purchased MTG/DD and has repeatedly mirrored the above sentiments…He left wotc shortly thereafter and is still wounded from his experience to the day. One of his best friends was in ‘upper management until recently (worked there since 93)..has way too many tales of ‘back in the day Garfieldism’s…he finally had enough of it all, cashed in some of his stocks and now lives on a vineyard and has a winery…

  6. Just for comparison sake, here are some toy makers, game devs/pubs and TCG companies on Glassdoor (number of reviews in parentheses)

    Hasbro: 3.5 (141)
    Mattel: 3.2 (268)
    Lego: 3.6 (77)
    Blizzard: 4.0 (234)
    Konami (makers of Yugioh): 2.8 (24)
    THQ: 3.1 (76)

  7. no coincidence that Blizzard has the highest score. This can correlate with the innovation aspect of their strategy.
    According to scientific research, employees are more motivated in a company that stimulates innovation.

    Time for reorganisation in Hasbro I think. It sounds like so many young enthousiastics lose their spirit because of the demotivating structure and strategy.

    reading these stories make me so happy to be where I work now! I hope the enthousiastics don’t give up and find a better place where they have the right atmosphere to be innovative.

  8. I agree with all these points.

    I always knew that there was something fishy about that company and its people. I heard many great and terrible things that they have done. But I never thought they would be this rotten.

    This is just proof that what BS said about the current management under Hasbro to be true than false.

    Perhaps what they did at Fort Mason a while back is perhaps true from what I am reading here.

  9. I have to wonder how many complained about Wizards simply because they lost their job. Seriously, consider it for a second. Probably a good number of complaints are true and warranted, but do you wonder how many people complain from being terminated for doing a poor job? The people who suck at work and feel entitled to great places, complaining when their toe gets stepped on.

    As an experienced worker in plenty of shitty jobs, this is nothing new. It’s called business. The ecology of this work space seem more hellish because you have constant interaction from those higher. People not used to that, will indeed bail. But you may fail to understand that this happens in *any* company. A lot. Many try to limit how much it happens, but it will indeed always happen. You’re always exposed to it, but if you dont have much 1-on-1 with management, you’re not going to notice as much.

    Being in a claustrophobic, squished together area with others in mostly isolation, where most interaction comes from those higher than you, yeah, will feel overwhelming. The job that did this to me the most was being in a phone service job for MarketingAlternatives when ObamaCare was on the rise. Smoke breaks, lunchs, people talk. Other times, you’re 100% on your job and nothing else. Trying to exceed expectations usually got you in trouble. Usually not because it’s good, it’s also because you’re being counter-productive. And this is, ultimately, just on the *phone*.

    Think about heavy hitting jobs like, creating video-games. You know most of you wouldn’t want to do that because of the SEVERE expectations and time-clocks. Trust me. People do appreciate you going-above-and-beyond. But it’s a *balance*. A very delicate one. You take too much time being a kiss-ass or taking on extra tasks, etc, you are actually harming productivity for the company, in the numbers and numbers don’t lie.

    It is better to a hamster on a wheel with these companies. If you need special fullfillment (not saying that’s bad, that’s awesome, go for it) or some semblance of enjoying your job to stay there, you will never make it in those jobs. That’s not where you should be. Do something better unless you don’t care about it.

  10. You work for a company you say, I’m looking to put out a new trading card game system that WOTC should have done long ago. At this point I can alter it slightly to make it my own, if you have a better place for me to go to, contact me.

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