It’s A Wash

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Or maybe we could say "It's awash" where "it" in this case is "some dude's whole deck".

According to /u/jaredks on reddit,

tonight I went to throw in a load of laundry, and in pulling my 13-year-old's stuff out of the washing machine to toss into the dryer, I noticed his deck box still in his hoodie pocket. Unfortunately, it had almost all of the value he's accumulated over the last year that he's been playing. He's bummed.
After some googling, I am cutting the cards out of their sleeves, and my wife is ironing them through typing paper, then pressing them in heavy books. I thought maybe you all might have some words of wisdom.
UPDATE: His brother dug through his cards and was able to replace quite a few of the destroyed cards. My wife is still diligently ironing. My son is now smiling and playing with his new deck. He has really appreciated the kind words from all of you. Thanks so much!


Fortunately the cards appear mostly salvageable. That foil Alesha all rooned makes me kind of sad. Maybe it's a metaphor for the future of tiny leaders? I don't know. Here's what I do know.

What To Do If Cards Go Through The Washing Machine

  1. Don't put your cards in the washing machine. It's really bad for them.
  2. If you skipped ahead and didn't do step 1, separate the cards before they dry.
  3. Blot each card with paper towels or cotton towels to get surface water off of them
  4. As mentioned above, put thin paper or parchment paper on either side and iron the cards
  5. Do not put cards in the microwave to dry them. I don't know why I thought that would be a good idea
  6. The cards will begin to warp as they dry. One method is to put each card in a paper towel so both sides are being blotted then put in the pages of a heavy book. Stack some weight on top of the book. The weight will keep the cards from warping as they dry and the paper towels will soak up any moisture that's extruded during pressing.
  7. Be careful not to use textured paper towels if you can avoid it.
  8. Don't put your cards in the washing machine. It's really bad for them.

You can read the entire reddit post including suggestions from the community here 

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