Deck Overview: Standard Mardu Aggro

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While G/W Devotion was the talk of GP: Miami, there were a few new takes on decks present that could actually finish matches in the allotted time. One deck that got a lot of buzz was the deck that Pro Tour: Venice champion Osyp Lebedowicz took to a 9th place finish.

We've seen Mardu Aggro before, but everything that we've seen has featured Butcher of the Horde.

Osyp is more interested in the successful Boros shells with Outpost Siege than going full Mardu. In fact, the only black cards featured in the main deck are a lone Sorin and 3 Crackling Doom. Sorin is awesome in a deck full of tokens and Crackling Doom gives the deck a little more reach in addition to killing all of the things that Wild Slash can't touch.

Black mana isn't the easiest to come by in this deck with only nine potential sources available, but Osyp has kept his splash light. His sideboard only contains a couple more of his maindeck spells and two Mardu Charm. The message here is that Osyp thinks that Mardu Charm is too good not to play.

With a bevy of answers to large creatures, could this be the deck to play with G/W Devotion on the rise?

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