Dragons of Tarkir Spoilers 3/7/15

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Sunbringer's Touch

"Win the game"

If your hand has more than 3 cards, this is a cheaper, better Overrun for your smallest creature with the added benefit of making the power and toughness boost permanent. This also lets any creature previously boosted with counters a trampler, meaning if you're megamorphing a lot you could just get a regular Overrun out of this. This is going to be a little awkward to play with and isn't as straightforward as Overrun is, so I expect this to be another cool bulk rare.

Dragonlord Ojutai

OK. This is certainly interesting. The hexproof when untapped clause is neat and means you don't have to protect it with countermagic if you want to focus on doing something else. Pondering whenever you connect is solid as well. I just don't know if this has a deck. Historically, control decks only really want one finisher, and there are a lot of creatures in this set that are almost good enough to get there. This is kind of hard to remove and a deck with a few counterspells to protect it could ride this to victory easily, however. Could we see aggro-control come back as an archetype? Ojutai's certainly giving us some good removal spells and a few solid dragons that we could ride to victory. This card's price sort of hinges on whether people build the archetype they're trying to steer us toward and whether that archetype is better than what we already have. SCG only wants $5 for this mythic dragon which leads me to believe not a lot of people believe in this card. This would never be a 4-of and tapping out, even for a hexproof guy, feels bad in UW. If this does get play under the best of circumstances, I'm not sure how much upside there is to buying in at $5, but there has to be some. It's always a gamble, isn't it? This card IS indeed powerful, but whether it has a home remains to be seen. I'm certainly going to force it if I can, and I'm in for at least a $20 playset even if I don't believe in it enough to pay more.

Sarkhan Unbroken

This is a weird planeswalker. Being in 3 colors hurts it in standard even though it's obviously quite good. EDH players are more excited about this card than they were about Narset, but Narset sold out at $50 and this being still available for $30 shows how little of an effect they have on new cards. EDH pushes up old stuff, but not new stuff, in general.

The problem with this guy is his ultimate is worthless unless you have enough dragons to be worth it. He's flavorful, but super narrow. $30 is almost certainly too much to play for such a narrow walker, which is too bad. Narset feeling so good and this feeling so good, but narrow is a weird dichtomy. Still, casuals will love this and if the price really tanks, there is long-term viability to this. He does draw a card and he does protect himself, but not having access to his ultimate in a lot of decks sucks. I am staying away at $30.

Collected Company

I am suspicious of this card. This seems like a decent way to get value, but this could also be a good combo enabler with a card like Sylvan Library or Congregation at Dawn but I don't know which cards would be involved. You could freeroll this forever if you can keep jamming Eternal Witness on top of your deck, I guess. In an elf deck, you're almost certain to get full value out of this, and that could be cool.

Still, this card is puzzling and it's hard to know what to think. This is a $5 preorder, which is as much as some mythics so others are seeing the potential, but this could very easily be a bulk rare if nothing materializes for it in the short term. Do you see a deck here? If not, $5 is way too much to pay for a non-mythic unless you have a plan for it.

I have seen a lot of positive chatter, so this could be the real deal. The ceiling for an insane non-mythic is about $10 the first week or two and with fees you don't clear much. Still, there could be money here on perhaps an abzan aggro deck or insane legacy or modern combo. This card does a lot. Then again, so did Summoner's Trap. Bet $5 a pop at your own risk, but there is certainly hype.

Hidden Dragonslayer

This card is a warrior, a removal spell and a 3 power lifelinker for 6 mana over two turns. This can flip as a combat trick and destroy a creature that has been buffed. Did I mention it's a warrior? This card seems much better to me than its $2 preorder price would indicate, but if it's not maindeckable, there might not be a ton of upside buying at $2 even if it does see a modicum of play. I think warrior tribal will likely be popular, though, and this card is very good at what it does. Remember, there is another card that gives warriors double strike. This is a 2 mana 2/1 lifelink worst-case scenario which is nothing to sneeze at. I think this card is underrated currently, especially if warriors is a deck poised to do things. Buy on a site other than SCG for even cheaper than $2.

Or don't. The main problem with this card is that it can't profitably swing through a Courser of Kruphix which almost makes it better late than early. 2 drops that you don't want to play on curve are awkward. Awkward is generally a death sentence, but this has real potential. The good news is this likely falls in price before it climbs so $2 may even be too much even if it ends up proving itself. I'd probably wait.

Anafenza, Spirit of the Family Tree

Legendary Creature - Spirit Soldier
Whenever another nontoken creature enters the battlefield under your control, bolster 1. (Choose a creature with the least toughness among creatures you control and put a +1/+1 counter on it.)

This seems pretty good, actually. Soldier decks are popular among casuals, and this is a pseudo-lord. It's easy to put tokens into play in those decks, so you won't get a ton of triggers since decks with low curves tend to be in topdeck mode quickly, but bolstering a creature like Elite Vanguard when you play a creature is legitimate. Finally a love bear, not a hate bear. I don't know how much play this will get or how much this will presell for initially, but I at least like it, although its applications in Standard are less certain than if it were a warrior. It's hard to envision white weenie in standard that isn't warrior tribal. Still, this card could be a solid player forever and will likely be at least a few bucks. Tiny Leaders potential? Who knows? All I know is that I'm not buying in above $3 and probably not even then.

Dragonlord's Prerogative

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What deck even wants this? It's certainly powerful, but is that enough? 6 mana to draw cards is steep. Uncounterability is probably not even all that relevant since it's also an instant. I can see decks wanting this outside of Standard, but that won't boost the price of a non-mythic enough for us to even care. This is cool but not likely to do anything because 6 mana had better impact the board profoundly. I think people are just going to keep casting Dig Through Time in Standard instead.

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