Magic Online Quietly Does Something Awesome

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Like most users of the client, I have some serious problems with Magic OnlineĀ and the way that it's run. I use it because I loveĀ MagicĀ and want to play it more often, but if I wasn't already hooked on the game (or if I had first started playing with MTGO), it would not even be installed on my computer today.

A long-time complaint of MTGO players has been that the 4-3-2-2 draft queues that are offered are horrible value. In short, Swiss and 8-4 queues both provide a total of 12 packs in prizes, whereas the 4-3-2-2 queues provide only 11.

Not like that, though. In aĀ badĀ way.

Anyway, in theĀ Magic OnlineĀ announcements from earlier this week, Wizards quietly introduced a new prize structure for flashback drafts:

As a bonus for the reality-devouring titan enthusiasts amongst you, we'll be runningĀ Rise of the EldraziĀ 6-2-2-2 Drafts throughout the same time period! Check out the tables below for full Event information.

Rise of the EldraziĀ 6-2-2-2 Draft

START TIMES Wednesday, March 18, 12:00 p.m.
Wednesday, April 1, downtime
All times are Pacific (for UTC, add 7 hours)
LOCATION Limited Queues
Option 1 Option 2
14 Event Tickets 2 Event Tickets, plus product
PRODUCT 3Ā Rise of the EldraziĀ booster packs
SIZE 8 players
DURATION 10 minutes deck-building time. Three rounds, each round up to 50 minutes.
Match Wins Prizes QPs
3 Wins 6Ā Rise of the Eldrazibooster packs 1
2 Wins 2Ā Rise of the Eldrazibooster packs 0

I really, really like this. I've extolled the virtues of Swiss drafts in the past, and in the same article, alluded to the fact that 4-3-2-2 queues are bad value. The new 6-2-2-2 prize structure is basically everything I could ever want, and in some ways even more attractive than the commonly requested 5-3-2-2 structure.

The downside, if there is one, is that if you go 0-2, it's very unlikely that your opponent will stick around for round three, should you have wanted to play that last matchup. Some would argue that makes this not a "true" Swiss format, but I think it's a mercy, if anything.

It would be fantasticĀ to see these 6-2-2-2 queues completely replace both Swiss and 4-3-2-2 queues on MTGO. You could even make an argument that 8-4 queues could be swallowed as well, but keeping one single-elimination and one Swiss queue seems more correct.

Of course, this isĀ Magic Online,Ā so for every step forward, there are two steps back:

IMG_5289 IMG_5288

Magic OnlineĀ players the world over are looking forward to filling out this monstrosity five times a week.

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Danny Brown

Danny is a Cube enthusiast and the former Director of Content for Quiet Speculation.

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One thought on “Magic Online Quietly Does Something Awesome

  1. i’m all for 4-3-2-2 being replaced by 6-2-2-2, but regular swiss should stay. as someone eho mostly only gets on mtgo for cube and formats like vma and mma, i like being able to at least eek out a pack if i can manage to win a round

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