“Masters of Modern” is now “Modern Nexus”

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If you came here looking for the exciting new Modern-only site, Masters of Modern, don’t worry! You are still in the right place. Modern Nexus is the same site with the same content, coverage, and quality that we promised in the original site. The only thing that we’ve changed is our name.


When we started this project, we were very excited to find the domain name was available. Between this discovery and all the other hard work that went into site launch, we made a mistake and didn’t check who else might be using that name, even if they didn’t have the domain. Shortly after launch, we learned about a podcast, The Masters of Modern, focused on Modern coverage. The podcast had been around for 6 months at the time of our launch.

In the interest of keeping both “brands” distinct, we switched our name over to Modern Nexus. We believe this will work out best for MMCast, for our site, and most importantly for the broader Modern community.

So switch over your bookmarks and update your Twitters because Modern Nexus is here to stay!

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4 thoughts on ““Masters of Modern” is now “Modern Nexus”

    1. Yeah, we liked Masters of Modern too. But we think that the content is way more important than the name, and the new name is good enough that it won’t detract from that. Better to change the name than risk brand dilution and confusion in the community.

    2. I don’t disagree necessarily. Still, there are things I like about this one: shorter, better logo, it’s easier to find us via Google, and the reference to Blinkmoth/Inkmoth. We wracked our brains to find something as good as Masters of Modern and this was absolutely the best we could come up with (that wasn’t taken).

  1. good choice. Tried to tell my friends abou this site and they had trouble finding it under ‘modern masters’. I think Nexus is a good compromise and I think is more in line with the sites goal of developing a modern format discussion hub. As opposed to solely being a site with writers who are authorities (masters) of Modern.

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