Tiny Tuesday- Glissa, the Traitor

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Back when I was an EDH player (back when they called it EDH) Glissa, the Traitor was one of my favorite generals (back when we called them generals). While the fun part for me was cycling a bunch of nonsense like Chromatic Star, the games that I won always came down to Mindslaver. The deck wasn't powerful enough without it, and the games felt stale with it.

Tiny Glissa benefits a lot more from just playing some nonsense cantrips, and gets way more value out of sweepers like Powder Keg. Being Golgari also provides access to some of the more objectively powerful cards in the format in the form of Abrupt Decay and Liliana of the Veil. This is the build that I like for Glissa:

Tiny Glissa

Arcbound Ravager might look a little weak here, but it's a great creature to have around to cycle through Chromatic Star/Terrarior faster in addition to being a sacrifice outlet for Perilous Myr. There aren't a lot of creatures to stick the extra modular counters on if Ravager dies, but even still I think the beast deserves a slot.

One thought on “Tiny Tuesday- Glissa, the Traitor

  1. This commander is perfect for me since I love nothing more than durdling.

    The most fun I’ve had with Glissa so far was durdling around until I got up to 10+ lands, then suddenly (and very unexpectedly) end the game by playing Grinding Station and a bunch of 1-mana artifacts from my hand. Each artifact untaps the Station when it comes into play, so you can immediately sac it. Works quite well when the game has been dragging on. Also a lot more fun than killing your opponent with creatures (eww).

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