• The QS notification through Twitter and the URL for this article reads “my worse prediction ever,” even though the title for your article uses correct grammar. I think he was pointing that out without being clear.

        My worst spec ever was probably Lingering Souls. I thought I was so crafty picking 100+ of those up for $0.75 – $1 in trade. Then they were reprinted on everything but the back of a grocery store receipt annnd now I have a lingering box of shame.

  1. Can’t find the name, but it’s the card that exiles all your creatures and returns them back at end of turn.
    bought a playset in preorder. Never did preorders again after that one.

  2. Grimoire Thief back in Morningtide. Traded a Thoughtseize, Bitterblossom, and Vendillion Clique for a playset…regretted it ever since. I also was obsessed with Tarmogoyf in Future Sight. As soon as he skyrocketed to $30 from being a bulk rare I sold off my 4 playsets and 1 foil….all for less than the price of one future sight foil now…fml

  3. I was forking out $20 cash for Abyssal Persecutors during the release of Worldwake. I even traded a Jace the Mindsculptor straight across for one. I wawas just convinced that demon was broken with cards like Bone Splinters and other sac outlets in standard. Of course the deck was completely outclassed by Baneslayer and Mindsculptor in U/W control.

  4. I hoarded Gameday Thunderbreak Regents.
    The card is good, but I paid 10 Eur a piece and now they’re stuck at 5 EUR.

  5. Almost a month late to be relevant to the article, but my worst prediction was when I was convinced Megrim was busted when Stronghold came out. I bought all that my LGS had (only 5 copies fortunately) and told anybody and everybody “That card is just busted. I can’t believe it is only an UNCOMMON!”. Then I built a discard deck that usually literally had no targets after turn 3 and died to just about anything on the battlefield. Oops.

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