Deck Overview: Standard Jund

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This weekend at PT Origins I was excited to be battling with the Izzet Robots deck, with a list about 10 cards off from Mike Sigrist's second place build. For as much fun as I was having though, I found myself extremely jealous when I played against Luke Mulcahy. He started our game with a Gather the Pack milling a Flamewake Phoenix and grabbing a Tasigur, the Golden Fang- an element of my early builds of Chromanticore. He wasn't interested in Soulflayer though, he had something different in mind.

The plan is to make a fast Tasigur or Gurmag Angler and to beatdown. You also get to play a full set of Languish, which just doesn't do anything against the type of creatures that you're playing and is likely to have detrimental effects on your opponent. If the Languish plan isn't good, then you get to board into Bloodsoaked Champion and add more speed and resilience to your beatdown plan.

There's quite a lot that could be played with in this deck. The Reaper of the Wilds are on-theme, but seem kind of weak. I could see playing some bullets like Dragonlord Atarka and more copies of Whip of Erebos. I am quite impressed by the core of this deck though, and Luke's seven wins in the Standard portion of the Pro Tour are a testament to its power.

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