Sire of Stagnation Just Took Battle for Zendikar to the Next Level

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Now that’s an Eldrazi that I’m afraid of! I’ll be honest, up until now, the Eldrazi cards on the Battle for Zendikar spoiler page have not gotten my adrenaline pumping until now. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve seen a lot of cool cards. I’ve been more excited that the Eldrazi are making 1/1s instead 0/1s rather than being impressed with the overall power level. Think about all the original Eldrazi and how terrified you were that they would hit play. If you play Modern or Legacy, you might still live in fear of that very moment.

When you cast this monster you draw a pile of cards, then when he attacks he annihilates the opposing board before you have a they to block. Unlike our next fiend, at least it's killable.

We also had to deal with an indestructible foe who exiled your best card and then took more away when he attacked. Better have the right removal spell or you’re doomed. Then comes the biggest and baddest of them all.

The Eldrazi are the most popular villain in the Magic universe mainly due to this monstrosity of the skies. One hit and you typically lose the game. He doesn’t usually have to deal the full twenty damage before your opponent is signing the match slip. I’m sure when he hits tables across the world, the rest of the players groan unanimously.

These are the Eldrazi of legend. These are the ones we have nightmares about facing. The spoiler isn’t complete yet, so we still have a little time to get scared and Sire of Stagnation is exactly what we needed to get our blood pumping. Take a look at this guy again.


Castable, check. Good stats to mana cost, check. Benefits to cheating into play earlier, check. Amazing ability that will send chills up your opponents’ spine, double check!

The Eldrazi are supposed to impact the game in a big way. Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger does that somewhat because he gets to exile two permanents and wins you the game even if your opponent chump blocks every turn. Sire of Stagnation changes the way your opponent must play the game. If they need lands in order to cast their spells, you get to draw two cards. Now that’s a powerful ability! The ability is more like opponent choose one: never play lands again or lose the game to your opponent’s card advantage.

Sire of Stagnation has really gotten me revved up for the epic battle about to ensue on the plane of Zendikar. What Eldrazi cards are you most exicted about? Do you think Sire of Stagnation is all I’ve pumped it up to be? Let’s get the conversation started in the comments.

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