Deck Overview- Standard Orzhov Aggro

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Wasteland Strangler is a polarizing card. On the one end, the surface similarities to Flametongue Kavu scream playability. On the other hand, the setup for this ability has no precedent, and might be more work than its worth. Craig Wescoe put the card to work at GP Indianapolis this weekend, and earned himself an 18th place finish with this list:

Transgress the Mind and Silkwrap aren't novel ideas for enablers, but Mardu Woe-Reaper is an nice little piece of technology. It's been a long time since Savannah Lions was considered a great card, but one that enables you to play a three mana two-for-one is worth exploring. With so many Matis Riders and Warden of the First Trees running around, enabling Wasteland Strangler will usually be a powerful line.

The counter-magic in the sideboard sort of works to "transform" your deck when Silkwrap underperforms. Dispel and Negate are much better against control decks than removal spells. Blue splashes just for sideboard counters are becoming pretty popular, and a maindeck Dispel or two might be worth exploring in a metagame so heavily infested with Ojutai's Command.

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