Scrap Savant – Enchanting Myth

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Welcome back, everyone, to another installment of Scrap Savant.

This week's decklist was very fun to play, and I'm so happy with the rate of participation.

It was interesting to build around Myth Realized. The resulting deck really highlighted what I want to do in this series, enabling me to play a variety of bulk rares and use them harmoniously in a single deck.

Needless to say I was quite happy, so let me show you all the revised decklist:

At the time of uploading this to MTGGoldfish, the deck costs a grand total of 7.56 tix or $27.81 in paper.

Clearly our most expensive list so far, in terms of tix---but still extremely affordable in paper. In fact, the cost would have been higher, but I decided to omit Silkwrap (which appears below in the budget upgrades). The cost of the deck was more than expected and I felt Pacifism was a fine replacement.

What's great about the tix and paper cost is that this deck actually uses a multitude of rares, so it will be money well spent.

Herald of the Pantheon, Blight Herder and Planar Outburst are all readily available, relatively cheap, and most importantly, sticking around in Standard for a while longer.

The Games

Round 1 vs. Temur Black

Round 2 vs. 5-Color Rally


The deck was extremely fun to play and I really enjoyed all the matches, whether recorded or otherwise. This is really the type of deck that I envisioned using in this series---like I stated earlier it was awesome to be able to build around Myth Realized and utilize so many bulk rares together like this.

While the deck could obviously benefit from additional tweaking and an extra budget, it does have the capacity for strong plays. Baring any outside variance like land flooding, the deck obviously has a lot of synergy, and Myth Realized can really grow insanely large.

I understand why Myth Realized is beginning to see some fringe play in Standard. It's not a large commitment, and it gains value just sitting on the battlefield. Obviously when paired with additional cards like Silkwrap and Wasteland Strangler like it has been recently, it leads to really large Myth Realized enchantment creatures.

Additional Upgrades

As per usual, I want to provide some extra recommendations to anyone willing to spend additional budget on these decklists. Like I mentioned earlier, first and foremost this deck would love to run Silkwrap.

It's odd to recommend an uncommon as the first upgrade, but when they're a few dollars each it won't always make sense to include them in the initial decklist. Unlike Monastery Swiftspear, you don't get access to Silkwrap on MTGO in the starter pack. In paper they're obviously commanding over a dollar each but the investment will be worth it.

Obviously upgrades to the manabase are welcome, so if you want to jam some Windswept Heath, by all means go ahead. Just remember they're rotating out of Standard soon.

If you really wanted to break the bank on a decklist like this I would even go further to recommend cards like Monastery Mentor or Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger.

There's a bevy of options to consider pairing with Myth Realized, considering its flexibility. For this list, I think adding Silkwrap, Quarantine Field and Starfield of Nyx would be interesting.

Here's a sample list to reflect those changes:

Hope you all enjoyed this week's installment of Scrap Savant featuring "Enchanting Myth." This was a really great decklist and I feel represents the series well.

Let's open the polls. Like last time we'll focus on just one card.

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