Scrap Savant – Results for Deck #3

The results are in! Thanks to everyone for your participation in another interesting Scrap Savant deck. Let’s review the polling:


Looks like a pretty clear winner in Myth Realized. So, per the polls we will be constructing a deck around this card, and making the building parameters two colors.

White’s obviously our first color. As for the second, Myth Realized is powerful and flexible enough to pair with basically any other color. Similar to our previous decklist, “Zada’s Disciples,” we will again focus on including as many noncreature spells as we can get away with.

Building with Bulk

Myth Realized

Interestingly, Myth Realized is actually getting some fringe attention in Standard right now. If you watched the TCGPlayer 50k, or looked at some recent MTGO Dailies, you saw some successful black-white lists utilizing the card.

While we could do the same thing, we want to try something at least a little different. That’s what Scrap Savant is all about, making Magic affordable, creating viable decks out of nothing, and trying new cards.

So let’s look at some blue, red and green cards within our building parameters that might pair well with Myth Realized.


Treasure Cruise
Scatter to the Winds
Quiet Contemplation
Monastery Siege


Titan’s Strength
Outpost Siege
Temur Battle Rage
Dragon Fodder


Herald of the Pantheon
From Beyond
Retreat to Kazandu
Become Immense

Looking through these cards, I feel green is the best option. You could obviously take it in many different directions, but with a restricted budget I think green gives us the strongest chance to build a viable deck.

Here’s a sample list so far:

As always, changes may be made before we hit the MTGO queues, but I think we have a solid foundation here. We get to utilize some really strong cards, all things considered. Pairing Myth Realized with Herald of the Pantheon seems promising, and I was hoping to use Herald in this series anyway! Now we get to do that.

I also like the cute interaction we get with From Beyond by sneaking in a few Eldrazi. With a bigger budget, we would ideally be tutoring for an Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger. Alas, we have to settle for Blight Herder.


Well, that’s it for this update. Stay tuned for the YouTube videos later in the week. We’ll see how the deck fares on MTGO.

As always I’m looking forward to everyone’s input. I really enjoy doing this series, and I hope it helps everyone out there.

If you haven’t before, please keep hitting the polls, and take the time to subscribe/comment/etc., either here on QS or on the YouTube channel.

See you all soon!

-Chaz @ChazVMTG

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