Deck Overview- Bant Company

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It's about time we talked about the winning list, eh? Jim Davis came up with a list that plays an amazing game at instant speed, which will always keep the opponent guessing. They also may have come up with the only white deck not featuring Declaration in Stone. Whether or not Dromoka's Command is a downgrade is unclear, though being instant speed gives your opponent one more thing to worry about. Nick Miller did a deck tech on the deck with Keven Jones, which you can find here.

Both Duskwatch Recruiter // Krallenhorde Howler slotting well into Company decks and three color shard manabases relying on Evolving Wilds and battle lands were things that I anticipated and documented in my Insider articles during spoiler season, so there aren't any major surprises here. Beyond those changes, this deck is largely reminiscent of Andy Ferguson's Bant Company deck from last season.

Something that Jim has mentioned is that Jace isn't completely at home here. He's not great on turn two, especially considering that you're not playing any Deathmist Raptor to discard and rebuy later with Den Protector like Ferguson used to do. He's great in the mid-late game when you can deploy him and flip right away to flashback a Collected Company, though otherwise he's a zero power looter in your somewhat aggressive deck.

Collected Company still has some room to grow in the short term if this deck can remain on the top of Standard, though we're nearing the point where players will start to dump their copies before the rotational price dip. They're great long term holds for Modern, though you'll be able to acquire them cheaper if you wait. These decks will probably be around in Standard until the card actually rotates, though I don't recommend holding onto more than a set to play with for very long.

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