[Ongoing] Live On-Site Pro Tour SOI Coverage

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Kelly Reid and Doug Linn are in Madrid, covering Pro Tour Shadows over Innistrad!

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Our Insiders will get the first crack at all the cutting-edge financial news we uncover, but we'll still be bringing everyone on the free side summaries of what we learn.

Also check us out on Twitter @QuietSpec where we'll be posting updates, or join Ryan Overturf and Chaz Volpe for their live Twitch commentary.


This is Standard, so we're expecting big breakout decks and card price swings over the weekend. If you're interested in getting in on the action as it unfolds, for this Pro Tour or subsequent ones, a Quiet Speculation Insider subscription is just a click away! Right now we're offering a promotion where you can get one Pro Tour free. Check out the details here.


Pro Tour Shadows over Innistrad - Deck Techs

Chaz Volpe compiled all the PT:SOI Deck techs in one place and breaks down each one with some notes–and some key cards to consider.

Pro Tour Shadows Over Innistrad Day 1 Wrap-Up

Chaz Volpe summarizes all the major news from Day 1 of the PT, including the metagame breakdown, major financial movers on the day, breakout archetypes, and more.

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