Insider: Evolution of the Expected Value of an SOI Box

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Should I buy a box?

This is one of the first questions most players ask themselves when a new set comes out. Many buy boxes to draft with friends or for the sake of opening boosters---and that's totally fine!

But what about those of us evaluating the purchase from a financial perspective? The common wisdom here on QS is that a box should be bought, opened, and all cards sold within the first days after the release, otherwise you'll start losing your money.

But how much is the loss?

Starting from Shadows over Innistrad, we aim to provide you solid data to help assign the proper value to all your unopened boxes!


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Diego Fumagalli

I have played Magic since Revised edition, a hobby that has followed me my entire life. I recently started creating infographics and using data visualization--a great game deserves a great communication tool!

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8 thoughts on “Insider: Evolution of the Expected Value of an SOI Box

  1. Very interesting to see.

    But i am curious about the same statistics for OAG and BFZ boxes, because they contain expeditions and those prices seem to have stabilized somewhat.

  2. Also the double whammy effect is that as EV decreases , variance increases – esp. £$2-5 ares become bulk. If 2 sets have identical EV the one with the lower variance is obvioulsy the better bet. A month or so also DTK and ORI was neck to neck EV but ORI was a jace lottery while DTK was much more stable due to command cycle & strong rares.

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