The Greediest Splash of all Time

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I'm a pretty risk averse person. I avoid splashing whenever possible in limited, and in constructed I usually play more sources of all of my colors than stock lists, even adding an extra land or two to my decks to make sure that I can cast my spells. It is from this perspective, that I pronounce Raphael Levy's GP Manchester winning deck as completely insane.

Incorporating Chandra, Flamecaller into Selesnya tokens is a pretty sweet innovation. I though about adding Chandra to my deck before this weekend though I didn't know how well I could make the mana work. Raphael Levy apparently started on a similar line, though instead of tweaking his manabase he decided that he already had four Oath of Nissa and that you only live once.

I would be amazed if this become the stock version of the deck, though I would think twice about not making a tokens opponent sacrifice their Oath of Nissa when you cast a Dromoka's Command in the future. This is probably the greediest slot that I've ever seen in a constructed deck, and I say this as somebody who once splashed a sideboard Cruel Ultimatum in an Izzet deck. Perhaps Levy was tired of winning Grand Prix utilizing only spells that his lands could cast.

One thought on “The Greediest Splash of all Time

  1. Ive been playing bant humans since GP Tokyo(cause yuuya is God). Ive actually been killing Oath of Nissa fairly often, cause the 1/1 matters so little in the match, and they usually already have problems with GG/WW on turn 3/4 as it is. Never knew I was playing around Chandras lol.

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