Deck Overview- The New Bant Company

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A Spell Queller strategy! It turns out that Collected Company gets better with more sets being Standard legal, and Eldritch Moon brought some powerful additions. Devin Koepke put the deck to work in taking down the first major event of Eldritch Moon Standard at the Columbus Open:

You've seen most of this before, and there are no new cards in the sideboard. Though there is a new cast of characters in the maindeck:


Selfless Spirit makes destroy effects awkward against the deck, while Spell Queller both covers Languish and also just poses a significant detriment to the opponent's ability to play Magic. If you had any doubts about this card's power level, check out game one of the finals, in which Koepke resolved two Spell Quellers and that was pretty much the whole game. Thalia also does a good job at hindering the opponent's ability to play Magic, which can matter a lot in the mirror as you don't have to worry about the opponent adding more untapped creatures to the battlefield at instant speed.

I do think that four Thalia and three Duskwatch Recruiter // Krallenhorde Howler seems odd, and in particular I feel like Recruiter gets better in a world where you will often leave up Spell Queller mana anyway. Dead Weight is gaining popularity, but Thalia doesn't exactly block against that.

I expect most Bant Company lists to look similar to this going forward, with the most major change being that I wouldn't expect (m)any Bounding Krasis anymore, so I would recommend adjusting your play pattern around that. This looks to be the most oppressive iteration of Bant Company we've seen to date, and unless things are shaken up significantly at the Pro Tour I would expect to get used to playing against this deck again.

Prior to this weekend, Selfless Spirit was selling closer to $2, and now is closer to $3. If you can get a set for $8-10 I like picking them up now, because this card is definitely going to remain popular.

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