Insider: Infographic – Expected Value of an EMN Box

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On our weekly infographic we decided to offer our QS readers a new tool to help them better evaluate their financial choices.

Every time a new set is released most of us ask ourselves whether buying one (or more) boxes is worth the price. Aside from the pleasure of the smell of new packs or the entertainment granted by a draft with friends, today we try to analyze the expected value in a box of Eldritch Moon opened on release weekend.

QS_201607 EMN box EV-01


QS_201607 EMN box EV-02

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Diego Fumagalli

I have played Magic since Revised edition, a hobby that has followed me my entire life. I recently started creating infographics and using data visualization--a great game deserves a great communication tool!

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3 thoughts on “Insider: Infographic – Expected Value of an EMN Box

  1. I never bought or opened a box in my life, and this article lets me take my calculator if i want to know how many boosters are in a box, and how much such a box cost. This seems like prime material to put up in this article, yet the information is missing.

    Perhaps you should consider that this article will also be read by people who are not regular boxbuyers.

    1. knx, I think it’s good as a small feedback to add that number to this infographic.

      But knx, I would use your own observation as important feedback for yourself.

      1. use google for that information, not a calculator. you are trying a complex solution while there is an easy one available. 😉

      2. it’s clear you are missing some essential basic information. So use that insight to do some research about the product (boosterbox is always 36 boosters for regular sets). Get the basic information first before buying a box.

      But don’t evaluate the whole infographic based on this one small thing.

      You are right, but the percentage of people you describe is so small it’s not really worth to ignore the value of this graphic.

    2. I’ll take note of your suggestions!

      Still I’d like to underline how calculating EV is a predictive exercise that helps mostly in two separate situation:

      1. You want to buy lots of boxes as an investment.

      In this case you’ll take advantage of comparing EV with the best retail price you can get (I don’t put this value in the infographic since it’s really variable)

      2. You are interested in evaluating players reaction to a new set in general (we are working on this specific topic and we’ll provide some historic analysis later on)

      Hope this can help!

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