Deck Overview- Modern Jund Moon

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Sometimes it feels like there is a total lack of creativity amongst Modern players. There is no shortage of Bant Eldrazi, Affinity, Infect, or Burn at the top tables, despite all of these decks being quite beatable. Thankfully, I was able to find a spicy one in the Top 16 of the GP Lille results. It may be Jund, but Jeremy Dezani's 11th place Jund list is hardly the stock build:

Blood Moon is often used as a strategy to crush Jund, which makes this innovation particularly exciting. I can't imagine anybody being worried about a turn three Moon after you Thoughtseize them on turn one. There's some surprise factor here that is backed by the deck's ability to still just Jund people, which leaves a lot to like. This build does have to make some concessions though.

Notably, this version is considerably less green than other Jund lists. Cutting all the Abrupt Decays and Maelstrom Pulses and going heavier on Swamp enables the deck to play better under Blood Moon, though this weakens the deck's ability to interact with opponents. With Bant Eldrazi becoming a popular deck and being a bad matchup for traditional Jund, this concession looks to be quite strong. Not to mention that the Moons will help against Tron, which has long been Jund's nightmare matchup. In the proper metagame this adaption will perform admirably.

As for whether one should play this build or traditional Jund on a given weekend, I'll leave that call to the Jund experts. For the rest of us, it will be important to be aware of the existence of this build. I know that I aggressively find my duals against Jund, though I'll be keeping my eye out for Jund opponents fetching basic Forest and/or Swamp in the early turns. Keeping up on this sort of technology can make all the difference on the tournament floor.

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