From the Vault: Lore Announced

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Earlier this week, the contents from the next From the Vault set were revealed. The set is based around Lore, and as suck many of the cards aren't terribly exciting for such a box set. This probably appeals to Vorthos types, though this selection feels a little lacking to me.

This release is headlined by Umezawa's Jitte and Dark Depths, which are reasonably expensive cards, which makes producing more copies useful to a number of players. It is rather unfortunate that this box set doesn't offer really anything in the way of Modern cards, though that's also not really the purpose of these sets.

Given the foil process of From the Vault sets, I wouldn't expect this release to drive the value of these cards down, though I also don't expect this box to be worth all that much. [car]Dark Depths[/card] is only a $50 card, and it is the primary driver of From the Vault: Lore's value. I definitely wouldn't buy this one above MSRP, and even at MSRP I'm not excited about this one.

3 thoughts on “From the Vault: Lore Announced

  1. DD is $50, jitte is $40, MSRP is $35. Cabal ritual has great new art for legacy players as well. I am very happy with it and getting it for MSRP would be a steel. My only disappointment with it is that there wasn’t enough actual Lore. example- instead of Mind’s Desire put in Karona with new art. She is from the same set and very important to mtg story.

    1. I agree 100%, this is a FTV I am actually excited about, even outside of Depths and Jitte. Momir and Memnarch are both EDH superstars and should retain their value. Even Unmask and Tolaria West are not “lost causes”. I think there is a decent amount of value here to make immediate profit, even with a markup.

      But in terms of Lore…yeah, some of the choices are lacking. Personally, I would sub out NDE for Eldrazi Monument.

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