Deck Overview- Standard Azorius Flash

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For the week one Open of Kaladesh Standard, Jeff Hoogland showed up with a spicy Jeskai Flash brew. There was a lot to like about his build, though elements of the deck, such as the inclusion of two mana 2/1s, appeared to be on the cute side.

The flash game plan is strong, though the inclusion of only one Torrential Gearhulk the rather low average spell quality leaves something to be desired. I really like the direction that JRAFFE took the deck and managed a 5-0 League finish with:

The game plan is simple- you load up on good two and three mana spells and count on Torrential Gearhulk to do the heavy lifting to scale into the late game. Blessed Alliance does a great job of being action on turn two that scales well on its own, and also drives this game plan. Once you get board parity, Void Shatter maintains it, and then Torrential Gearhulk serves as a giant Mystic Snake. Draining Welk once say constructed play, and it had to counter a spell to matter.

I believe that this deck has staying power due to both the generic power of the maindeck, and the ability to lean on Gideon, Ally of Zendikar when just playing draw go doesn't quite do it. I think that Torrential Gearhulk is appropriately priced at about $8 currently, though this is definitely a deck that I would have in my Standard gauntlet.

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