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Madcap Experiment is a card that is getting a lot of hype. The long and short of it is that Simian Spirit Guide is so broken that it can elevate some sub-Standard cards to great heights. On its own, Madcap Experiment can find Platinum Emperion and deal you no damage for your trouble due to the Emperion being in play already when it's time for the spell to resolve and damage you. For other artifacts, such as Blightsteel Colossus, you can utilize Intervention Pact to save you from dying.

Intervention Pact was previously bulk, but is about a $5 card now due to hype for Madcap Experiment. The card is likely to continue increasing in value by at least a small margin, and could take off if the deck puts up a strong finish in a large event. Personally, I think these decks like quite bad, though red fast mana and Blood Moon can generate plenty of free wins. If a degenerate Blood Moon deck puts up numbers with Intervention Pacts in its 60 there will be an increase in demand for the obscure Future Sight card.

Personally, if I had this card I would look to sell it in the short term, though a few bucks could be made looking around for cheap copies. Investing with cash at the current price seems bold to me, as it's a combo deck that is flush with weaknesses, though it could certainly pay off.

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