Insider: MTGO Cards to Buy, Sell or Hold – Episode 19

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Welcome to another Buy, Sell or Hold after a short break caused by server problems. The good news is that you haven't missed much, as prices were pretty quiet.

Fortunately, this week we are starting to see more action. Standard players are trying new builds to beat UW Flash and BG Delirium. As of today, they are not tied for the most played decks anymore. Half of the BG Delirium players have moved into a new competitor, RG Aetherworks. The Magic Online metagame now looks like this:

  • UW 28%
  • BG Delirium 15%
  • RG Aetherworks 15%

With that in mind, let's see which opportunities we can find this week.


Shambling Vent


With a resistance level at 3 tix and support at 2 tix, it is time to sell Shambling Vent and wait until it drops to 2 tix to buy it again. This type of investment is the easiest kind for beginners.

Verdict: SELL


Thing in the Ice


Thing in the Ice is one of the most volatile cards in standard. These cards offer great profits but they are also very risky. Pro Tour Kaladesh proved the card can be played in the Standard. It is even played in Modern. I think now is a good time to sell any copies you have, then track its movements to rebuy when it drops to 1 tix, providing a 50 percent profit or so.

Verdict: SELL


Tamiyo, Field Researcher


This weekend we will have two Standard Grand Prix and one important SCG tournament. Tamiyo, Field Researcher is not worth buying now that it has rebounded, but I will hold them until the weekend to see if a new deck plays it in those tournaments. If nothing happens, I will sell my copies right away, because the card should drop to 3 or 3.15 tix, a price I will be happy to buy them for again.

Verdict: HOLD


Thalia's Lieutenant


Another card similar to Tamiyo in that I would sell it right now if there were no big tournaments this weekend. Thalia's Lieutenant has spiked in the last few days, and some WR human aggro decks could be the responsible for this. I'm not completely sure about the reason, so I will hold them until the weekend to confirm more increases aren't coming.

Verdict: HOLD


Tireless Tracker


I have been tracking Tireless Tracker's price movements very closely, and I haven't decided to sell my copies yet. This weekend will be the determining factor, so I will pay attention to the dominance of BG Delirium and RG Aetherworks (which usually plays four copies of Tracker in the sideboard) – and, of course, whether a new deck appears. If BG or RG don't have outstanding performances in this weekend's tournaments, I will finally liquidate my copies of Tracker.

Verdict: HOLD


Have a wonderful weekend. See you next time!

One thought on “Insider: MTGO Cards to Buy, Sell or Hold – Episode 19

  1. EDIT: Shambling Vent is actually played in the new WW in standard as well as Thalia’s Lieutenant. I think it is slightly better to HOLD it and see how will the deck perform this weekend, selling is a solid option too. Tom Ross is currently piloting the deck on the SCG tournament you can watch live at Twitch

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