Insider: QS Cast #50: Sigmund’s Optimism

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The QS Cast has returned: Chaz Volpe, and Tarkan Dospil continue on with where the cast left off and in this episode they discuss the following:

  • Sigmund Ausfresser joins the cast again! Is he even a guest at this point? Find his work at Quiet Speculation.
  • General finance talk—Sigmund poses a great question: Is Magic gaining some traction again? Is there reason to be optimistic?
  • We delve further into reasoning on why we could have a great 2017.
  • Interests.
  • What we’re looking to acquire.

Specific cards we discussed:

Chaz throws in a Penny Stock/Super Long Term:

As always, please comment and leave questions for us to address on the next cast! We will be making QS Insider questions a priority, and we want to know what you want covered.

Enjoy! We’re glad to be back.

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7 thoughts on “Insider: QS Cast #50: Sigmund’s Optimism

  1. The only thing I can say about Halfdane is it clones at the beginning of your upkeep meaning you are always gaining like-for-like power and toughness as your opponents cast bigger and better threats. It also gets to swing before those threats do unless they have Haste.

    Also, one other plug on a card to stop the Saheeli combo is Authority of the Consuls. It’s a cheap pickup and with White looking good it should easily slot into some of the “go-wide” G/W decks pretty easily.

    1. Thanks for the comments on Halfdane. I suppose at the very least it’s a pseudo “Legendary Clone” type creature and you don’t see that too often. It’s also old and on the RL which is obvious! 😀

      I do like Authority, I don’t know what sort of ceiling it has though – I think it already increased from near-bulk/bulk to about $1? *Maybe* this gets to $3 but doesn’t seem worth it. Thalia is more interesting because it naturally has other applications as well. Not as narrow.

    1. Nice. Pickup. 🙂

      Can you alert me to when you’re buying 100 of something from SCG next time? I love those sales but I don’t always know what’s worth picking up!

      1. Every Monday at 10:00 am starcitygames starts a new weekly sale. I scrub the list for long term holds or quick flips. When I made this purchase I also picked up 60 torpor orb at $1 each. I missed the soulfire grand masters, I had 40 in my cart at $1 each and they got purchased from under me.

  2. Re: the discussion at 12:30, I don’t think it is correct to lump RTR block and Theros block together. Yes, both are excluded from Frontier. But RTR is in modern masters 2017, while Theros isn’t up for that treatment until 2019 (assuming they stay on the same schedule). Theros is in the same position relative to this modern masters that Innistrad was to the last one – it should benefit from any resulting renewed interest from modern. I think this is a great time to revisit Theros to look for potential buys (particularly for those who are somewhat skeptical about Frontier).

    1. Great points, I do think I mentioned that RTR was now on the chopping block. Perhaps I wasn’t clear and made it seem like Theros was too.

      What I don’t like about Theros are there really isn’t that much that’s actually interesting. Which is unfortunate. I understand there’s a few strong candidates, but the Commander product tells me they’re already willing to reprint God cards.

      If there’s a larger really good list other than just the Gods (which is fairly obvious) I’d love to discuss it. But, yeah Theros could be a good place to extract some value – I just don’t know the timeline that you can expect any returns on these cards.

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